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“Extending Robot Framework (Advanced)” by Pekka Klärck


Deep end workshop.


In this workshop you will learn a bit more advanced ways to extend Robot Framework.

The first half of the workshop is dedicated to the advanced parts of the library API such as automatic argument conversion, custom argument converters (new feature in RF 5.0) and dynamic library interface (used e.g. by SeleniumLibrary).

During the second half you will get familiar with other extending and integration possibilities such as the listener API, parsing API, modifying tests/tasks dynamically, starting execution programmatically and analyzing results.

This workshop is for you if you already know basics of using Robot Framework, including basics of writing libraries, and want to take your skills to the next level. These skills make it easier to adapt the framework to your own needs in different contexts.

The workshop is 100% hands-on, no slides, learn-by-doing. In addition to learning from the person who has designed these powerful APIs, you have a change to ask hard questions related Robot Framework from its creator.

The booking period for this event is over.

Where does the event happen? Siili Solutions, Ruoholahdenkatu 21, 00180 Helsinki, Finland

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