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“API Automation - Zero to Hero” by Karthik Selvarajan


A scalable API Testing Framework requires more than just using a HTTP/SOAP library. In this workshop I would like to help novice automation testers write simple API tests using the Requests Library and then enhance the same to make it modular, reusable and scalable by creating wrapper Keywords and Helper Classes.


When I started my Robot Framework journey, my primary focus was to implement an API framework to test our Platform APIs. While doing that, I ensured that my code is highly modular and reusable. I created numerous helper files and keywords to avoid duplicate code. The result was a methodology that was easy to read, understand and implement.

I would like to share my learnings and help other testers think about code from a holistic perspective.

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Where does the event happen? Siili Solutions, Ruoholahdenkatu 21, 00180 Helsinki, Finland

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