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“Orchestrating Robot Tasks with Camunda Platform” by Markus Stahl, Nele Lea Uhlemann


Automating task with Robot Framework is efficient, convenient and reliable. But orchestration is tricky. Camunda is leading open source workflow engine executing visual process models. We will teach our experience in integrating Robot Framework with Camunda library and how to make stakeholders participate in process automation program.


The goal of this workshop is to provide you a complete idea how to run process automation with CamundaLibrary. Content of this workshop:

  • automating tasks with Robot Framework
  • introduction to Camunda Platform
  • orchestrating RF with Camunda
  • test Camunda workflows with RF
  • tips how to host Camunda Platform and run Robot Tasks
  • Alternatives to CamundaLibrary
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Where does the event happen? Siili Solutions, Ruoholahdenkatu 21, 00180 Helsinki, Finland

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